Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am loving the Book too - GREAT PICK

Hi Br, It is a good book. I am learning a lot of things. I was especially surprized to learn how uninformed that family was about very important things. I never really believed black people were at any disadvantage socially, but I am rethinking that. I was into the book late last night, and thought "I better not finish this book now or Br won't want to do the book club with me". So, being you finished, I am going to finish it this afternoon. It sounds like a great afternoon. I have picked my drivers for todays race and a good book - what a day! If the book store is open here in the Soo, I will run down and take a look for our next book :). We can officially start a new book tomorrow. K

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  1. I finished the Afterword before church this morning. There are so many things to think about with this book. The family's reactions were hard to understand. Their lives were so chaotic with drugs, crime and not understanding or trusting people. Did you see the link I put that told about the VanAndel Institute using HeLa cells?