Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hi Bren, I just got back from the book store. I picked a book called "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. It has been made into a movie and won a pulitzer. I hope you like it. My only fear is that it is a little dark. I don't think it is going to have a good ending and I like books with good endings. I think we will be glad we read this book. The author gets good reviews on his literary value - hope I said that right. Let me know what you think. k

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  1. I have the book. I started it about 3 years ago but put it down because it was dark. But I'm excited to read and discuss it with you. I'll give it another chance. Is it about the world being destroyed by an atomic bomb? If not, I'm getting it confused with another.